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You took some classes, gain some confidence, made some new friends, and learn a few patterns, now you are ready to hit the dance floor but don’t know where to go?

Here are the top 10 places you can go in San Diego for partner dancing.

10. Kizomba Beach Party / 100% Kizomba

Kizomba Beach Party

These events are usually pop-n-go. That means you set up and dance, people volunteer to bring food and drinks. Check out the place and time. Ask Nnenna, Allen, or Javier for details. Admission is Free of charge, but parking could be your only hurdle depending on location.

If you can’t get enough Kizomba, you can check out the Rooted Kava Lounge. They offer a free Kizomba dance class with $10 admission. The DJs are DJ Javi and DJ Bugsy.

1731 University Ave., San Diego, CA, 92103.

9. Tio Leo Mexican Restaurant

Tio Leo Mexican Restaurant
Tio Leo Mexican Restaurant

“It’s a small dance floor, comparable in size to A Time To Dance. But it’s a nice wooden floor. There’s a bar and booths and a group of good dancers go there. Generally the crowd is just the right size for the dance floor. I enjoy it. It’s an older crowd. A lot of the Torch regulars.” – Kathleen Perry


$8 for the VIP guest list. $10 admission

5302 Napa Street, San Diego | (619) 542-1462

8. La Luz Ultra Lounge

La Luz Ultra Lounge
La Luz Ultra Lounge

Formerly known as Club Caribe, but they changed their name after being on an episode of Bar Rescue. They play different game of music, ranging from Bando, Bachata, Merange, Salsa, and more.


Sometimes they have a Famous Latin live band, even a Toby Love concert. They are located down south from the center of San Diego area, check them out.

Contact Juan Pablo

Cell: 619.438.1757
Work: 619.472.2400

5080 Bonita Rd., Bonita, CA, 91902

7. Torch San Diego

Torch San Diego
Torch San Diego

“Torch has very nice large studio dance floor, get a good mix crowd….lots of regulars and I feel like its not a pickup joint. It needs to be promoted more so we get more different dancers in to dance with. Not a lot of people know about it or that it is much nicer and classier than many other places.. Parking is always plenty & easy to find. Hostess Eva is super welcoming. Alex Torch is sweet.


Torch is not a night club….it’s a dance studio. They don’t serve alcohol but u can bring your own beer and wine. They only sell water bottles.” – Jenifer Ngo

$10 cover Tues & Fri
Free parking all the time

(619) 632-3080

7528 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, California 92111

Alex Torch

6. The Lot (Point Loma & LA Jolla)

The Lot La Jolla
The Lot La Jolla

“The Lot at Liberty Station in Point Loma is seasonal. It runs after basketball finals in the spring until football season begins in the fall. David Stein gives a brief lesson and arranges DJs. $10 cover. Free parking. 


The Lot in La Jolla has just started within the last couple of months and it remains to be seen how long it continues. They have live bands, Kimba Lite and Manny Cepeda, free parking & no cover.”- Kathleen Perry

(858) 777-0069

7611 Fay Ave., La Jolla, CA 92037

5. Salsa On The Beach

Salsa On The Beach

Rain or shine, if you like to dance near San Diego’s beautiful beaches, then check out these crazy fanatics! They play Salsa and Bachata, and sometimes live music. It is completely free, but parking could be a pain because it’s near the beach. It is hosted by Josh Gordan.

Ask the organizers for details of time and location, changes happen at different event.

4. Salsa Under The Stars

Salsa Under The Stars
Salsa Under The Stars

If you’re into Salsa and a live band, then head over to Seaport Village for Salsa Under The Stars. Sometimes they sneak in your favorite Bachata too. Hosted By the Headquarters at Seaport Village, it’s completely free, bring a warm blanket because you’ll be dancing outside in the open air. Parking cost money depending how long you stay, and it is a pain since you are joining a free event.


“Parking is expensive, can run as high as $30, so be sure to have one of the Headquarters tenants validate your ticket for a discount.” – Kathleen Perry

789 W Harbor Dr, San Diego, California 92101

3. Queen Bee’s Art & Cultural Center

Queen Bee's Art & Cultural Center
Queen Bee’s Art & Cultural Center

There are other dance events throughout the week and they don’t serve alcohol but water and it’s kid friendly. Sunday is known for Salsa night where you meet our Resident DJ by yours truly DJ Mambo. You can see him in the Salsa room. There are 2 dedicated dance floor for Salsa and Bachata where you’ll find DJ Ukiem, and a special 3rd room that host Zouk or Kizomba.


It’s  beginners friendly where the majority is a younger crowd, and a block away from A Time To Dance studio. Admission is $5 for college students, military personnel, or team dance members, otherwise it’s $8-$10.

“…. Michael Soltus teaches a two hour Salsa/Bachata class beginning at 7:30 & included in the cover.” – Kathleen Perry

Contact: Alma

(619) 255-5147

3925 Ohio St. North Park, San Diego, CA, 92104

 2. Cafe Sevilla Night Club

Servilla Night Club
Servilla Night Club

If you like The Gaslamp District, visit this Dancer’s delight,  During the week, it is a place with mixed music: Reggaeton, Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, and more Latin top hits. Sometimes they have top DJs or talented Latin artist.. They have Bachata Tuesday played by your local DJs, DJ Hush and DJ Mo Lyon.


Admission includes a free dance class before 8:30 or 9pm, otherwise it will set you back $15 for entry. Parking is in Downtown and can cost you.

1. Tango Del Rey

Tango Del Rey
Tango Del Rey

We chose this as the best place. Why? They offer ample free parking, resident by DJ Mambo on Thursday night with 2 dance floor for Salsa and Bachata, and once a month, it is converted to Bachata Del Rey, all Bachata, for you Bachata fanatics. It’s 18+ and up, and 21 and up with wristband so you can hit the bars. They also serve food. Free dance lesson with your $10 admission.


(858) 581 1114

3567 Del Rey Street, San Diego, Ca 92109

Do you agree to our list? How would rank it, tell us more. We left out Northern San Diego, what did we left out that you want to include on this list. We kindly appreciate your comments or suggestions. We hope this list help you to go out partner dancing.

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